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Casey Northup was born to Emitt Northup on 5-31-74. He was married to Daisy Stack on August 1st, 1998, and they have two children.

Casey and Daisy live in Boise, Idaho.

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Casey and Daisy Northup Family

Children of Casey and Daisy Northup

Ryan Simeon B. February 21, 2000
Andrew Jon B. November 11, 2001
Casey and Daisy's Wedding
Casey's Family at the Wedding Left to Right: Adam, Deaun, Ethan, Daisy, Casey, Theresa, Emitt, Hayden, Holly, Ben
Daisy's family at the Wedding
Parents picture Daisy's parents, Daisy, Casey, Casey's Parents
Casey and Daisy with the family at his sister Holly's wedding Left to Right: Adam, Deaun, Theresa, Ben, Holly, Emitt, Daisy, Casey